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Yahoo Widgets 4.5

A lot of time ago (about a year and a half) I worked briefly with Yahoo Widgets (previously named Konfabulator), as result I published a Small Widget: FangIT Server Stats. Unfortunately due lack of time I couldn’t finish some features I wanted to make on Yahoo Widgets.

In that time I remember some people were trying to allow Video (mainly FLV) on Widgets or even HTML Content. I left without checking Yahoo Widgets for some time, recently I remember this and checked to know what improvements were done it. When I see the ability to draw on widgets without thinking I downloaded the new Versio: 4.5

I have to say that the features are amazing, among them: Flash Embed, HTML Content, include of XMLHttpRequest, Drawing and even SQLite. I started ‘porting’ the old widget to a new version using this great features.

The widget is almost done and I hope on the next weekend I will release with great features, but meanwhile you surely will want to check Yahoo Widgets and if you’re a developer you will really like it more.


Web 2.0 Security Fears Deserve Attention

I read at Innovations this article: Web 2.0 Security Fears Deserve Attention, about the potential harm can cause API’s to create a new harms in terms of spam and getting information of users and their friends.

But surely spam on Social sites is nothing new, I recently received a Philippine Scam on a books site based on the Nigerian Scam, even with their lowest rate of hit they are also harmful.

But in fact what is most harmful to process that social information and send emails / messages faking your friends ID, that kind of spam gets a great hit rate (about 72% versus 16% of not social spam), this is concluded on the article: Social Phising (pre-print paper), also the article points to several interesting results, among them Denial of the attack has been successful, this make phising very effective because of few reports which can be prosecuted.

I Agree on Innovations article (which also pinpoints the article of Social Phising) that the only prevention is not legal enforcement (which can help to prosecute) or close social sites but education about the problem.


3D Models from plain Images

I’ve found an interesting page:

This project when launched will allow you to create a 3D model from a plain image, the demos are astounding.

This idea are fully explained in this tutorial:

Also I’ve seen Microsoft is also launching an app: Photosynth (

Update:Virtual tourism as called by Microsoft seems to be an oustanding and a future development which will change our ways to know places through photos:



My new BookshelfThis week we bought an bookshelf because my sister move to study the university in Puebla so she bought several furniture for her room and we also ask a bookshelf since my books were packed in a box where I cannot reach them easily.

Yesterday was delivered our bookshelf so we started to arrange everything in the room to  put every book we could in the bookshelf.

Even the bookshelf is larger we have to put two rows of books in some parts because otherwise it couldn’t fit everything, also we put some DVD’s (and their backups as I don’t like to use original to preserve it).

We now have more space and I could ask more books, but tomorrow I will go to buy the The Simpsons Season 10 =)


Google Maps, High Quality Images of Puebla

New Google Maps Details of PueblaI like Google Maps, but the satellite images from Puebla were very poor, Yahoo Maps have better images but the problem is they were too old (at least seven years old).

Through a friend I checked the satellite images from a governmental dependency in Puebla (Catastro de Puebla) they are very good in quality but are in gray scale and also very old (I think were taken at the same time of yahoo).

Recently Google Maps update their images of Puebla and they are very good in quality and also very new, I said this, because I took as reference the new building at Computer Science school at CU in BUAP, it was finished about three years ago and now appears in Google Maps (in Yahoo and Catastro shows only the previous parking area).