Monthly Archives: February 2008

Yahoo Widgets 4.5

A lot of time ago (about a year and a half) I worked briefly with Yahoo Widgets (previously named Konfabulator), as result I published a Small Widget: FangIT Server Stats. Unfortunately due lack of time I couldn’t finish some features I wanted to make on Yahoo Widgets.

In that time I remember some people were trying to allow Video (mainly FLV) on Widgets or even HTML Content. I left without checking Yahoo Widgets for some time, recently I remember this and checked to know what improvements were done it. When I see the ability to draw on widgets without thinking I downloaded the new Versio: 4.5

I have to say that the features are amazing, among them: Flash Embed, HTML Content, include of XMLHttpRequest, Drawing and even SQLite. I started ‘porting’ the old widget to a new version using this great features.

The widget is almost done and I hope on the next weekend I will release with great features, but meanwhile you surely will want to check Yahoo Widgets and if you’re a developer you will really like it more.