New Showcase – Javascript and Flex

Showcase by Danguer, Javascript and Flex IntegrationI’ve uploaded a new example in my showcase, this works using Flex technologies that makes the interface more easy to use but only with javascript are impossible to do.

I’ve used a download example, with normal javascript you cannot check the progress of a downloading into your computer. Of course, as this example could be not seen as of great use (but of course can simplify a lot the usability when your download links are not very clear, or in case of video, etc), this can be extended easily to upload and this is a feature very need on several sites.

Flickr for example uses a Flash uploader tool (along other sites) on a similar way, so you can upload a bunch of images/files and see the progress, making this using pure javascript only can be achieved patching the PHP sources with File Upload monitors, which is not easy and also not allowed on shared hosting, this example it can be used without problems with any normal PHP Server.

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