Professional Javascript for Web Developers

This book is a great introduction for Javascript and also for those who know basics of javascript. The book is clearly explained and feature a lot of examples, but unfortunately after the DOM chapter it doesn’t show the output of scripts, but as those are specific on browser and is easy to figure the output.

The books is separated in two parts, one which talks about ECMASCRIPT and features are available on majority of browsers (and their differences).

The second part features advanced features of browsers like drag & drop, XML, Web Services and so on. Unfortunately on this parts are very specific on browser, but the book also works through it to make common objects in javascript.

The main lack is of course AJAX (even it’s discussed not as AJAX briefly in chapter 17), but is comprehensible since the book is from 2005 and the term AJAX was coined on 2005. He propose a method to achieve a bit similar of ajax with hidden frames; by the way this kind of method should be avoided in programming, I said this because I’ve found recently written articles which propose the same; this technique was fine when there was no AJAX developing but now only look as a rusty method to simulate AJAX (and is harder to control).

The author now have written recently a book of AJAX (Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition (Programmer to Programmer)), which surely is worth of read.

In conclusion, this book is excellent to learn and deploy your Javascript skills, but I think the book should be readed deeply until the DOM chapters, later chapters should only take as basic information, since are parts have changed a lot since AJAX.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides)

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