Web 2.0 Security Fears Deserve Attention

I read at Innovations this article: Web 2.0 Security Fears Deserve Attention, about the potential harm can cause API’s to create a new harms in terms of spam and getting information of users and their friends.

But surely spam on Social sites is nothing new, I recently received a Philippine Scam on a books site based on the Nigerian Scam, even with their lowest rate of hit they are also harmful.

But in fact what is most harmful to process that social information and send emails / messages faking your friends ID, that kind of spam gets a great hit rate (about 72% versus 16% of not social spam), this is concluded on the article: Social Phising (pre-print paper), also the article points to several interesting results, among them Denial of the attack has been successful, this make phising very effective because of few reports which can be prosecuted.

I Agree on Innovations article (which also pinpoints the article of Social Phising) that the only prevention is not legal enforcement (which can help to prosecute) or close social sites but education about the problem.