Myth: A Very Short Introduction

Myth A Very Short IntroductionThis excellent book will provide you a good introduction to myths, is not about myths properly but to theories about myths: purpose, possible origin and interpretations.

The introduction states very clearly:

“Let me be clear from the outset: this book is an introduction not to myths but to approaches to myth, or theories of myth, and it is limited to modern theories”

The book do a research on the main authors which have provide some approach to myth after explain each one views about myth it provides also a critic.

The book is separated in eight chapters some of them are short due several myth approaches are reviewed earlier and only in the chapter are connected to other approaches.

The part of Myth and psychology (chapter 6) have a interesting information not only about myth on psychological terms but also on fathers of psychology’ main concepts.

Myth: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)