Who said “Usability is Free”?

I read this article in the Interactions Magazine of this month, you can check from here:

The main point in this article is the lack of usability on most linux programs (including distros), without doubt there have been several advantages on good presentation of programs (“eye candy“) like Beryl, but unfortunately some of these changes are only eye candy and doesn’t provides more usability than other solutions.

I think one of the problems which lead to this was the lack of a high level language for developing in Linux, now Mono is available to fast developing but we have really few Mono applications compared with C developed applications (with UI code mixed with normal code).

A good option for UI developing is (in theorical aspect) is XUL because it’s similar to Glade, in XUL you can add Javascript to handle windows and events (and other things like file handling), the problem is the lack of good examples/tutorials for desktop applications (not web developing which I think is now outdated with AJAX and Javascript pure solutions) and the constant use of C++ to develop applications.