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Book: The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs, WikipediaToday I finished to read The Silence of the Lambs, in this case the movie have minor changes to the novel but of course had cut several parts from novel for example Bella character (or mention) as the sickness wife of Crafword, or the last words of Jame Gumb (a.k.a Buffalo Bill):

How … does … it … feel … to be … so beautiful?

But the movie is an astounding adaption of the novel and I will watch again to check more changes from the movie and the novel =).

I will listen the complete work of Goldberg Variations of Bach, since I’ve only heard the Aria part, and here are some links to



My new BookshelfThis week we bought an bookshelf because my sister move to study the university in Puebla so she bought several furniture for her room and we also ask a bookshelf since my books were packed in a box where I cannot reach them easily.

Yesterday was delivered our bookshelf so we started to arrange everything in the room to  put every book we could in the bookshelf.

Even the bookshelf is larger we have to put two rows of books in some parts because otherwise it couldn’t fit everything, also we put some DVD’s (and their backups as I don’t like to use original to preserve it).

We now have more space and I could ask more books, but tomorrow I will go to buy the The Simpsons Season 10 =)


Who said “Usability is Free”?

I read this article in the Interactions Magazine of this month, you can check from here:

The main point in this article is the lack of usability on most linux programs (including distros), without doubt there have been several advantages on good presentation of programs (“eye candy“) like Beryl, but unfortunately some of these changes are only eye candy and doesn’t provides more usability than other solutions.

I think one of the problems which lead to this was the lack of a high level language for developing in Linux, now Mono is available to fast developing but we have really few Mono applications compared with C developed applications (with UI code mixed with normal code).

A good option for UI developing is (in theorical aspect) is XUL because it’s similar to Glade, in XUL you can add Javascript to handle windows and events (and other things like file handling), the problem is the lack of good examples/tutorials for desktop applications (not web developing which I think is now outdated with AJAX and Javascript pure solutions) and the constant use of C++ to develop applications.


Flex 2 Debug with Flash

I had some troubles debugging Flex 2 since I installed some updates for CS3 suite.
The error show it cannot use this file:

But you can fix this if you download and install the files from: 

in the part: Adobe Flash Player 9 — Debugger Versions (aka debug players or content debuggers) for Flex and Flash Developers


Tochimilco and Atlixco visit

Yesterday we went to see Tochimilco a small town near Atlixco (about 15 minutes away and 40 minutes from Puebla). We didn’t know they celebrate the Asuncion day and we got a good surprise seeing this catholic festivity there.

Tochimilco is a small town with colonial history, they have an aqueduct and a Franciscan ex-convent, what impressed me more was they had a pool for Indian Baptism into catholicism and in a near town there is a church with a separate building for indian listening the homily.

I posted two images in my Flickr account. I will upload more photos of Tochimilco in a¡one of my Flickr set.

Tochimilco Fireworks

Tochimilco Fireworks

You have to see the people watching the fireworks, we couldn’t stay until they display the larger one.
It was taken with a mini-tripod in a wall.

Panorama Atlixco

Panorama of Atlixco

Panorama done with several photos (about 10) taken with 18mm lens.