coLinux on Windows Vista

I’m testing Windows Vista Ultimate, as I’m working hard with coLinux I need this to work on Vista.

The stable version (0.6) will make crash your Windows Vista. Checking on internet I found posts about how to install coLinux on Vista, fortunately the latest snapshots of 0.8 have incorporated all the fixes to install coLinux on Vista without crashing or making more steps.

You can download from:

But I strongly suggest to check the base dir:

Since the snapshot dir name will change according date.

The next step is to install as service, in Vista you don’t have much control of your programs (emulating a Mac os X behavior and loosely a Linux behavior). So you cannot install the service if you start the console as “normal user” (even you are in the administrator group). Searching I got here:

There you will know how to start the cmd in administrator mode and you will be allowed to install the service of coLinux, copying from the site the way to do is:

  1. Click Start
  2. Type: cmd
  3. Press the right-ctrl, right-shift, and enter at the same time

After that you need to install your service as:

colinux-daemon.exe @config.cfg --install-service "coLinux"

And you will have it installed as service. Everything now seems to be working fine but I need to test if 0.8 is really development version =)