Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geish, BookFrom a time ago I wanted to read this book, the movie wasn’t very good from my point of view, but I wanted to check the book since I thought it will provide a more historic background than movie.

I wasn’t dissapointed, even there is no a precise historic background you will get some historic notes, and of course many details about the life of the geishas which are commonly portrayed as prostitutes. I have to say the book is really well written which will make you think in fact Sayuri is talking with you alone; in this way I see why the movie was very poor compared with this book: it lacks from the Sayuri story telling, in a movie the characters has to reveal all the plot through dialogues and corporal language, meanwhile the book relies solely on story telling through Sayuri. Even the movie doesn’t change the story and events of the book in a great manner it won’t suffice you when you read this great book.

Reading a bit more on wikipedia article of this book I’m surprised because Mineko Iwasaki, the Geisha who Arthur Golden thanks in the book as providing a interview for the book sued to the author because she cannot reveal details about their clients but she wrote an autobiography which I think she should reveal more details than a fiction novel…