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Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

Recently I had the chance to see this movie directed by Chan-wook Park, the same director of Oldboy one of the best movies I ever seen. This movie is the third from their revenge theme movies (I need to watch Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance).

Even Lady Vengeance is not extremely perfect as Oldboy it lays under a common formula: a minimalistic movie in terms of actors, situations and past background; but the result is a perfect story with a solid plot and action very detailed.

As Oldboy, the story is around revenge; but this take at another level: the Machiavellianism level. Geum-ja Lee (Lady Vengeance) will help other woman in prision with the purpose to use them when she will be released from prision. Even a quote from the movie (said as personal quote from Geum-ja) reveals she felt sorry and empty for all the people she used to achieve his revenge; even with that purpose she gave hope and relief to all persons near to she.

The soundtrack is also a masterwork, the classical style very barroque will make you feel sorrow for Lady Vengeance.

Soundtrack freely available through this website:


Rectangles Intersection

In my school days I did this calculation, but today I didn’t figure how to do it.

The calculation is simple: find if two Rectangles overlap or intersects; this is done through checking their boundaries. I’ve found this page: which show the calculation. As I had to do it in MySQL (for a simple problem otherwise I will be using MySQL GIS extensions =) ) I’d rewrite the calculation using De Morgan Laws for a cleaner code.


Top Ten Considerations for Choosing a Server Virtualization Technology

I’ve got this paper through email, this white paper deals with a basic information on Virtualization Technology (of course talking a bit more about their product Virtuozzo), it contains introductory terms about virtualization.

The only problem is they had an error on last page not showing the checklist of the features of each solutions.

You can read the White Paper here:

You can read more White Papers about virtualization in this site (requires registration):