Mathematic Lessons

Today I checked a project proposal on, there have been a bit of time since I was using it (the last time was helping a recurring client with his site).

When I found ScriptLance seemed to be more good paying projects than GetAFreelancer (another site where I’m getting job as Freelancer); at the end, I’ve seen very few posts lately on ScriptLance and much, much more in GetAFreelancer; of course always has a lot of projects; but all were with a maximum budget of $300, now it’s more easy to find projects of $300-$1500 as budget and even are rare more larger projects this seems to be changing.

Well I’ve heard that ScriptLance system is a commercial script (in Perl I think) and recently they started to enhance it; from 4-6 months ago I’ve seen a more harder development and it’s more usable and useful.
Recently I noticed the overall ranking (also know as the top programmers), I’ve seen people having more than 200 reviews and the user profile I noticed had only 6, so I wanted to see how they calculated the ranking; I notice they put points to each freelancer, then I read how they calculated this points (since in the first 25 was people with less than 10 reviews), the description on how they calculate the ranking is the following:

How are rankings and points determined?

Points are calculated using a mathematical formula that considers, for each project a freelancer has participated in, the rating given to the freelancer and the amount of the bid. The reviewer’s own total rating also affects, although much less, the points awarded to the freelancer.

Points are calculated seperately for each project category, as well as overall. Rankings are determined based on those points by comparing the points to other freelancer’s scores.

Please note that rankings don’t necessarily represent the skills of the programmers compared to others, but is more of an indicator to how many projects they’ve completed and the dollar value of those projects.

Ok, so basically how I though it was calculated was something like: (Money * ReviewerRate) + (Rate * NumberRates), something like that, so a good reviewer will increase your points severally and if you have a large project with good budget, you will also increase your points.

Then I checked which was my position: #795, dissapointing, I had 9 reviews, but in average all my projects were low in budget, but then I check this:

ScriptLance Ranking

Sorry to put names, but is only as example. The user I’ve selected in the image had only one review and had much more points than me and than the other in the image also with 76 reviews; as I was curious about how many he had earn or which was the number of reviews the buyer had I checked his profile:

projects: 1
rate: 10
number of reviews of the buyer: 0 (well he had one of this programmer)
budget of the project: $35

This was astounding, how ScriptLance calculate their points to have much more than me (and other persons which more reviews and buyers with more reviews), personally I’ve worked with buyers which had more reviews and that doesn’t seem to be increased my points.

This seems to be a very bad algorithm in here, try to figure how to calculate the points, since it seems to be very random =)

  • Tien Do Xuan

    From ScriptLance:

    Rating from the past 3 months carry the maximum weightage in calculating your ranking and average rating. 50% Weightage is given to the ratings from past 3 months, 25% for 3-6 months rating and remaining 25% to rating older than 6 months. I hope this helps.