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Descartes’ Error

Descartes' Error BookI finally finished to read this book (it took more than I thought), now doesn’t seem much controversial as was ten years ago. The book put back the emotions in the reason processing, and shows examples of patients similar to Phineas Gage’s (I knew first by Ripley ;-) ) who had frontal lobe damage due an accident, he was ‘unaffected’ in the cognitive task, he was aware of everything before and after the accident, but he developed a coarse attitude and he couldn’t work with others due this.

The fact is this book is a good reading for understanding some neurobiology aspects of brain.


Google Maps, High Quality Images of Puebla

New Google Maps Details of PueblaI like Google Maps, but the satellite images from Puebla were very poor, Yahoo Maps have better images but the problem is they were too old (at least seven years old).

Through a friend I checked the satellite images from a governmental dependency in Puebla (Catastro de Puebla) they are very good in quality but are in gray scale and also very old (I think were taken at the same time of yahoo).

Recently Google Maps update their images of Puebla and they are very good in quality and also very new, I said this, because I took as reference the new building at Computer Science school at CU in BUAP, it was finished about three years ago and now appears in Google Maps (in Yahoo and Catastro shows only the previous parking area).